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If you want your guitar amp or other fretted instrument to appear on this page, comtact me through the Contact/Links Page. I charge 10%on sale.

Zoom PS 02 portable multi tracking recorder


Excellent condition Marshall Acoustic Amp with castors and cover.

Very powerful.

Has to be seen.

All working. No crackely pots or plugs.  


Epiphone PR800S (by Gibson) Round shoulder dreadnough.

One or two small dings but in excellent condition for a 10 year old guitar.

Solid top,

Rosewood back and sides.   Bound Rosewood fingerboard.  Comes with hard case.

£120  Click on image to enlarge

Yamaha GA 15

practice amp.

Very good condition.


I have a load of Schaller Strap locks. Can fit to your guitars for £15. All parts and labour included. Supply only £10. (+£1 p&p)